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EDUDE is Web Based PWA application. EDUDE helps Schools/colleges to run their as usual learning program through this portal by which Students can easily learn new things and their study is not intrrupted by any pandemic like COVID-19. EDUDE is launched to have pupose to enhance the education system to improvement in education of India. EDUDE idea is all about How to Improve Our online system in India to provide easy and best solution.


EDUDE is Online Portal to provide all features of online learning at one platform. It makes the realistic classrooms in Virtual Classroom. In Future about 2-3 years, It becomes as Student Network or Education Network of India. In EDUDE, Online Video Lectures , Exam management and handling System , Attendance Management System , Security and Encryption System all are with atonomous system. EDUDE has A.I functionality in Routine System and Lecture System. Also, Exam is handleded in Givern period of time and Starts on the time scheduled.

EDUDE Features
EDUDE user friendly UI System
User Friendly UI System

The looks and UI of EDUDE App is very user friendly and suitable to understand easy flow of processes with use. We are providing less data more information based UI design.
It is mobile friendly , Laptop/PC Friendly web app and take less time to load in any network.

Understable Dashboard

EDUDE Dashboard is Clear and have only functionality menues and no so much irritation to select. Due to light weighted Dashboard.We will going to enhance more features like theme in Dashboard etc.
For Night Study we provided Dark-mode which will protect your eyes from screen rays on both mobile app as well as Desktop application.

EDUDE Understable Dashboard
EDUDE Live Video Classes
Live Video Classes

EDUDE providing realtime live Video lectures with different features like screen share , screenshare with audio, low latency , 200+ people joined at same time , HD Video Quality etc.
Our Video Conferencing tools not intrrupt your important lectures due to slow Internet connectivities, It requires only 500kbps of speed of Internet.

A.I Based Routine

According to Routine provided by Class-teacher of Class Video lecture Automatically allot the Subject Teacher which is provided in routine at that time in respective classes.
No need to provide name of teacher or Student Name before joining, It will atomatic give name of Teacher with routine subject.

EDUDE A.I Based Routine
EXAM Management System
EXAM Management System

EDUDE providing flexible EXAM System for Schools/Teachers. Teacher can easily assign MCQs Based Test/EXAM For respective classes with Start_Time and Duration of Class.
EXAM have exam name , Time to start , Date of Schedule , Duration for Exam and after addition of Exam data Teacher able to start questions & Options from ADD Question Menu.

A.I Based Exam Handling

As per Star_time Exam is scheduled for each student verified by A.I Algorithm for start Exam and within duration a timer is set to the examroom and after timer end it automatically submit the test.
Once exam started no back or copy the text. Also Student can join test Start_time + duration Time. After this time exam will expire.

EDUDE A.I Based Exam Handling
EDUDE Security System
All Data Encrypted with EDUDE Algorithm

EDUDE Technology uses it's own encrypting algorithm based on md5 & sha1.EDUDE developes A.I based Modified encryption algorithm which is modification of other encryption.

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Antivirus for Files:

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EDUDE Pricing

We are Only need Maintainance charge for Each College. No Extra Charge for anything Pay Monthly as Your Package.


0 /mo
  • 2 Classrooms
  • 100 minutes Monthly Video Lectures
  • 5 Exams/Teachers
  • No your Own Domain
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VIP Schools/College

Use EDUDE Inbuilt Package
20,000 /mo
  • 102 Classrooms
  • 6000 minutes Monthly Video Lectures
  • Unlimited Exams/Tests
  • College Profile Management
  • No your own Domain
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Installation of EDUDE in your own Websites
55,000 /mo
  • Unlimited Classrooms
  • Unlimited Video Lectures
  • Unlimited Tests/Exams also Subjective Exams
  • College/Schools Authority
  • Your College/Schools Domain with edude
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"We are family to work together and make possible everything so we are teams"


Founder & Full-stack Developer

About Vikash Kumar

As Full-Stack Developer, Vikash Kumar created this whole website.
The idea behind EDUDE was created during his study period facing too much problems during COVID-19. So he decided to create a such type of platform which enables realistic facilities in virtural mode. That's EDUDE …

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Designer & Documentation

About Vishnu Vinoj

Vishnu Vinoj Leads role in Designing and Documentation. He is also a software Engineer and trying to gives best idea in team. Testing and Bugs fitting analyse by him and provide all documents required for this project.
He has good skills in Software & Web DEvelopment .

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"What's different in EDUDE makes it usefull?"

Pandemic has no place in Schools

In 2020, whole world suffer from COVID-19 Viral disease which becom pandemic in world. All Countries allows Full Lockdown. By which Many Daily Activities goes stopped, Education is also part of that.
Due to some application in market helps to restart the education but not fully workable applications were meet. Different different applications were used in schools by which students motive of study going losse.
So, EDUDE is a program which enables that types of classrooms where there is no place for any pandemic or virals. This program gives all features which need in real classrooms in virtual mode. Any Schools/college registered here and start their schools/college without intrruption.EDUDE Continuously adding more and new features.
Made in India ♥ App now available for India.

Classroom Like Real

Online learning is the virtual mode learning but Our Intelligence System maintain it in such way that it feels like real classroom. If you have any doubt you will message in chat or tell directly to the teachers.
We will trying to put whiteboard in Our lecture system such way that teacher can easily make undestand to their students. Provide whiteboard , dusters , pens in virtual mode just like real. A.I based system also have authority to mute microphone those makes noise and if they continuously make it. A.I removed them and send notification to Admin of your college/schools i.e. Principle.
Made in India ♥ App now available for India.

A.I Based Lecture System

When class teacher of respective class set the routine for the class. At time of lecture A.I system allot the routine teacher at that time. No need to give name of teacher , no need to give name of class teacher, It automatically assign from the teacher profile.
Our video leacture have facility to share audio with screenshare by which a pre-recorded lecture also can go through this system. No Any meeting links required jus one click you will start your lectures. For VIP Colleges/Schools also have lecture recording system which automatically assign with E-Libraries.
Made in India ♥ App now available for India.

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It is Prototype Model developed by EDUDE Team.Many Features are in developing mode.Currently all features are not available here, We will Updating in next version.

Made In India ♥

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