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EDUDE is an online Educational System for schools & colleges.
Our mission is to combine all features available online to create realistic classrooms.

How EDUDE Different?

Edude is online Educational system developed for providing Online Video lectures System, Exam System , E-libraries , Doubt Classes and fee collection System in One platform. Here, College/Schools get space or Online facilities for Online Classes. EDUDE Provides for College to add their class & Teachers and assign Respective class to Teacher. The classteacher of rspective class assign to add students and routine the class.
Our automated system automatically transfer the Teacher to class automatically and students of that class Join through their Dashboard. Many Features like classmate chat , Teacher Chat and Posts like share coming soon.
We providing a Student Social networking classroom using Various features and functions. Attendance of class maintained by student during class and how many times they will connect after removing. Teacher is always owner of Video lecture and students are only viewer or learner.


Our Vision

Education is right of everyone in India. Education gives their 100% of in Development of Country. But During 2019-2020 most viral pandemic disease COVID-19 interrupts the education and due to these situation education transmission become very difficult. So as per future prediction, If any type of situation like this happens, education will continue in realistic manner.
EDUDE Provides all realistic features in virtual mode such that we never miss the college in any situation. Our project is to combine all facilities which is useful for Education and convert as Realistic. Our main Vision is to provide continuous education process in Every Situation. Student teachers and also college will never drops or break the learning process.
Stay At Home, Live safe ♥ with EDUDE.
Education in Every Situation

Learning From Home

Our Mission

During COVID-19 many of us facing too much intrruption in jobs , eductional etc. whereas manyone lost a lot of things in this COVID-19. All different stages or version of COVID-19 intrrupts or will intrrupt many Systems.
So For Education, EDUDE is first step to save all students from these pandemic and continue their education from home. EDUDE Provides all features that makes a School/College to provide Students Education From Home. Also Teachers can able to teach from Home.
Stay At Home, Live safe ♥ with EDUDE.
Education in Every Situation

Save students from COVID 19

Story Behind EDUDE

While pursuing B.tech from Babu Banarasi Das Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad, We are facing a lot of disturbance in our education. In term of sharing link for video lectures in group via different platforms. We need to install too many apps in Laptop/Mobile due to which our RAM getting too much load. Also for Test/ Exam we were using different platforms. Also Due to high traffic on video lecture platform too many disturbance created like noise and many more.

Similarly, we see the situation of home also our other brothers/sisters facing more issues like if someone remove from schools group or any other disturbance like phone is silent and lecture of them leaved due to this types of situation. On living home we focusing on social media or other platform instead of Study.

After lot of Thinking we decided that we try to solve these issues, and do different in Our college Projects. We starts thinking on this and finally we got solution in form of EDUDE. This is our small effort to enhance the education system in India Providing unintrrupted platform for Education which makes easy and saves student's life from any pandemic.

EDUDE Main Features

EDUDE is Web portal which is based on latest web Technology PWA i.e. Progressive Web Applications. It is platform Dependent and very fast working on 3G Networks. It is an Educational Platform which is based on realistic manner of education. EDUDE provides following Features in Beta Version 1.0 :

  • College/School Registration
  • Teacher/Student and Class Management
  • Autonomous Video Lecture
  • Routine management (currently available for 4 hrs routine)
  • EDUDE Exam System
  • E-Library
  • Mobile Friendly


It is Prototype Model developed by EDUDE Team.Many Features are in developing mode.Currently all features are not available here, We will Updating in next version.

Made In India ♥

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